Your Four Way Pages account connects your precisely to the entire Yellow Pages community. You can access all the features and properties by using only a single login account and password. This way, you get the most secured and confidential subscription to all our products and services in the digital arena. Using your single Four Way Pages account, you are free to convey your thoughts about the business that you hold edit/modify any of your personal information and create your own personal address book as well. Stay vigilant for more interesting features lined up in the future.

Q: What is my Four Way Pages Account’s profile page? How Can I access it comfortably?

Your Four Way Pages account is your profile page that securely presents all the info that you want to share with others. Your profile page is visible only after you log in under the section My Public Profile.

Q: How Facebook Connect works?

Facebook connect is a crucial feature that helps users to connect others by sharing their relevant information quite precisely and effectively.

Q: How to Secure Privacy through Facebook Connect sites?

When you try to connect through a website, it automatically access all your information that you have added in your Facebook profile. It further allows you to interact with your friends and colleagues effectively. The terms of service and condition given under Four Ways Pages simply restrict the access of your personal information, along with all other such sites that are obligated contractually to abide by the rules and regulations and respect your privacy settings.
You can effectively use and test your settings that you have done on your Facebook profile. For example, if you block a user on Facebook, it would be impossible for that user to see you through your connected site. Further, you can easily decide the type of information you want to make others see by updating your Privacy Setting page.

Q: What are your Security and Privacy norms?

Four Way Pages simply follows the best practices regarding the safety and security of users. You can learn more about our Privacy Policy by visiting the dedicated section. In addition, you can also report any kind of security threat (if any) and abuse by contacting us in the form provided.


How can I safely register my Four Way Pages account?
In order to create a Four Way Pages account, you need to visit the top navigation bar and choose 'Connect' option. Then click on the option 'sign up' after clicking on the button Click here. Now, you need to enter your email address with your username and password. You may also sign up using your Facebook or G+ account as well.

Q: How can I choose my Password?

Please follow the following guidelines in choosing a strong password:
Your password should be 6-16 characters long.
Avoid using your personal info while creating your password.

Q: Why should I confirm my email address?

You must confirm your email verify your identity as it is a crucial security step and prevents other people from accessing your account information.
It takes a few seconds to confirm your email address. Simply click on the link provided after you log in to your account and follow the instructions.

Q: How do I need to complete my credentials/registration?

Just after signing in, you need to confirm your email address. You can do that by simply clicking on the link sent to you in the form of a welcome mail.

Q: What I need to do if I don't receive my email confirmation mail?

The email confirmation link is supplied to your email address that you submitted while signing up at your Four Way Pages account.
In case, if you do not get the welcome/confirmation email, it may be due to a technical error. It may also happen if your email address is invalid or can also be due to the restriction from your service provider that are blocking it from accessing your Four Way Pages account.
Please verify the email address that you supplied to us at the time of signing up at Four Way Pages account. If it is fine, then go ahead and check your spam folder to find if it is lying there.


Q: How can I edit my email address supplied at the time of registration?

You can easily edit your existing email address by going to the user Account Settings. In order to successfully change your email address, click on to your user name by going to your profile/user page and reach out to your profile settings page to edit your email address. 
In case, you are connected to us via your Facebook account, you won't be able to change your Four Way Pages account. In order to do that, you have to modify your email address in your Facebook page itself.

Q: How can I edit my Four Way Pages profile?

In order to edit your Four Way Pages profile, just click on your name/username right on the top navigation bar. 
This will reach you to the personal profile section where you will be able edit/update your profile after clicking on to the Account Settings.

Q: How can I update my picture on my Four Way Pages Account?

You can change your picture/photo by clicking on Edit Info after visiting your profile section. Please remember that acceptable picture formats are JPG, GIF or PNG. Please do not upload any other picture format (like animated GIF file, etc.) or any other file format.
The maximum picture size that you can use will be 700K and the ideal picture format will be 120 pixels by 120 pixels.


Q: How can I get to see all my reviews on Facebook?

Please note that all the reviews submitted are first need to be approved before they appear live. This is the reason there is a time lag of 48 hours for you to see the reviews submitted by you.
Please also do ensure that the settings on your Facebook page are updated correctly. You can refer the following steps to review the ideal settings of your Facebook page:
Log in to your Facebook account.
Click on the Application Settings by clicking on to the Account Menu bar.
Simply click on the Edit Settings tab and make the changes you want.
Go to the Additional Permission option and make the necessary changes

Q: Why I can’t use my Twitter or Google account to log in?

As of now, it is not possible to sign in to your Four Way Pages account using your Twitter or Google account. We will review and add these features later.


Q: I’m unable to access my Four Way Pages account? Please help.

If you are facing issues to log in to your account, please check the following settings:
Please ensure if you are entering the email address you submitted at the time of registration
Please ensure if you are entering your password correctly.
Please check if you have enabled cookies in your browser.

Q: How to log in to my account as I lost/forgot my password?

If you are connected to us via Facebook, you can simply use your Facebook account. Otherwise, use your personal account and just click on the Forgot Password tab.
Now, please enter your registered email address and then simply click on to Send instructions tab. After you receive your email instructions, you will be asked to enter a new password of your choice. Finally, enter and confirm the new password you have chosen to log in to your account.

Q: I’m unable to connect my account through mobile phone. What to do?

At this time, none of our mobile/WAP or iPhone version supports Facebook Connect. Try this feature later.
List all the browsers that are compatible
Please note that only the following browsers are compatible:
Safari 9.0
Google Chrome 50.0
Internet Explorer 11.0
Firefox 51.0
Although, some of the features will also function with some other browsers, they may be limited to certain extent.

Q: How can I deactivate my account permanently?

Please let us know by contacting us personally as we will do this for you.


Q: What it actually means of writing a review?

If you wish to enter a review, you can do so without any hassles. After all, going through reviews help you make the right purchasing decisions.
Please take a look at what you can make the best out of that. We would like to encourage our users to better share your own experiences and opinions in the form of reviews. Four Way Pages users have now the option may now enter your reviews of your business from a hotel or restaurant, etc.
Please look at what it means to write a review for any company/organization.
Every Four Way Pages user is expected to submit his/her review either manually or through Facebook Connect. After log in, you will be directly taken to fill out the review firm and will be asked to submit your ratings. You will also be able to share your feedback through Facebook review form.


You can freely add your thoughts in the form of reviews and can also add your free business listings to us in order to get noticed globally.